Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 15 [Part 2] END


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Chapter 15 [Part 2] END – Love me


Kizaki Yuria’s POV

“Anna! Anna! Anna!” I shouted, running toward my girlfriend who was lying on the couch. “I passed the exams!” I jumped on her.

“Yuria, calm down.” She giggled before I hugged her body tightly. “See? Everything is possible.” She teased me with a smile.

I finally could spend time with my beloved girlfriend. I did a lot of wrong things and I wanted to make her happy.

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[OS] After-All Night Nippon (YuriAnnin)

YuriAnnin (7)

After-All Night Nippon (YuriAnnin)

It was dark. I just left the studio of the All Night Nippon. It was really great and funny, as always. I was tired. Tanochan and Saho were afraid because of the scary mails. Well, I was a bit too. When the phone rang, I just jumped to grab Juri’s arm as a kid. Also, Naachan was really brave, she went into the studio alone. But anyway, the night around me didn’t reassure me after that two hours in the horror atmosphere.

I reached my home, opening the door when suddenly-

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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 15 [Part 1]


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Chapter 15 [Part 1] – Love me

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I wiped the tear which was rolling on Yuria’s cheek. She couldn’t. Of course she couldn’t, she was everything for me, that’s why I still loved her. She didn’t seem to have understand it though. I leaned down and put my lips upon her. But she didn’t react, staying as frozen. She kept staring at me, emotionless. It seemed that my kiss made her more confused. So, I decided to help her to understand.

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 0

It’s the chapter between Darkness: Chapter 15 and Hunted: Chapter 1 but I didn’t think it was good enough so I didn’t want to publish it. Finally, I think I’ll do it. That was just a little link between the parts, anyway!

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 10 [END]

After almost one year, the girls’ adventures are finally over! I hope you enjoyed Darkness and Hunted. I’m sorry for all the mistakes and confusing parts but I’m trying hard to improve my writing style. Thank you for everyone who read it.

Anyway, have a nice reading!


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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 10 [END]

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