Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 8


Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 8


Watanabe Mayu’s POV

“Mayuyu?” My girlfriend called me while I was talking with Jurina.”

“Yes?” I turned around toward her and she grabbed my hand.

“Come.” She told me, pulling me outside.

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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 12

 Chapter 12 – Stay with me

Kizaki Yuria’s POV

I woke up, opening slowly my eyes. A light smile appeared quickly on my face when I saw the sleeping girl next to me. I extended my arm to stroke her cheeks softly. This girl was so perfect. I gazed at each detail of her face. Her closed eyes, her nose, her cute cheeks, her pink lips.

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[OS] Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

Hidden Love (Peace x An’nin)

“Where are you going?” Paru voice echoed in Habu’s room.

“Shop.” Peace smiled, looking at her friend.

The young girl walked around the prison. People were fighting around her but she didn’t care, trying to avoid the possible punch toward her.

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Support me, Protect me, Love me – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – All I want is you

Iriyama Anna’s POV

We quickly reached Yuria’s place, silently.

“Do you want some help for this?” Juri asked, speaking about all the stuffs.

“It’s fine. Come back home.” Yuria answered at her sister. “Go take a rest at home.  I won’t bring any trouble with your father.”

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[OS] The little maid (Poyoyon)

The little maid (Poyoyon)

After these years in France for her study, she could come back home. It wasn’t over but she felt so light and relieve at the same time because she was finally at home. She sat in the limousine. She felt the cold leather under her hand. Her smile couldn’t leave her face and the steward noticed it.

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[Two-shots] Don’t joke [Part 2] (YuriAnnin) [Remake]

Don’t joke [Part 2] (YuriAnnin)

“It’s over.”

“What?” I looked at the girl, dumbfounded.

We have been together for one years.

“Between us…” Anna lowered a bit her head, hiding her teary-eyes. “I don’t love you anymore Yuria.” I knew that she never joked with her feelings

I stayed frozen, looking at Anna who was leaving me. The tears were rolling on my cheeks, unable to stop her. It was so sudden… She loved me and suddenly nothing.

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Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 6

Hunted (Sequel to Darkness): Chapter 6

Yagura Fuuko’s POV

Come back!” I yelled at me friend.

I ran until the door. I couldn’t continue to follow her. The sun hurt me. I looked at her from far away. I tried to call the Healer but she didn’t care.

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