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Darkness: Chapter 2

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Darkness: Chapter 2

Kashiwagi Yuki’s POV

I ran quickly toward my place with an unconscious Mayu in my arms. I hoped to see nobody in the street.

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Darkness: Chapter 1

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Darkness: Chapter 1

Shimazaki Haruka’s POV

Yui…? Where are you…?

I thought about her all the day since her disappearance. Moreover, she never picked her phone up and sent no text. My neighbor said that he saw her, yesterday. So, I decided to ask him about it.

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[OS] Trip (YuriAnnin)


Trip (YuriAnnin)

Yuria’s POV

I wanted to go to Shanghai. I was in a hurry. We’ll take the plane in two days. Annin was supposed to come with us, but she couldn’t because of her poor condition. So, I will leave with Sayaya, Mion, Yui, Renacchi. Honestly, I was disappointed, I wanted to go to China with Annin. So, today I decided to pay a visit to her. I was worried, of course. She wasn’t really in a good state.

*Knock knock*

“Yuria…?” Anna said, opening the door.

“Hey. I wanted to see you. How are you?” I asked, going inside.

“Sad. I want to go with you.” She pouted a bit.

I managed to smile, her expression was so cute. We both sat on the couch, without really looking at each other.

“Me too.” I said, laughing. “Annin?”

“Hm?” She answered with a little smile.

“Can I stay at your place?”

“Want you?” She teased me, standing up.

“Of course!” I answered with a bright smile.

“Fine, I’ll take a shower. Make yourself comfortable.” She said, leaving me.

Her place hadn’t changed since the last time. I walked into her bedroom and put my phone on her desk. A letter intrigued me. I know, I shouldn’t read it, but I couldn’t help it. I took the letter and started reading.


Dear oneesan,

How are you?

It’s soon the time for me to leave here! I’m in a hurry!

AKB48 is really a nice group.


It’s a good experience. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah





Graduation? Will she leave? No, I surely misunderstood. I read again without skipping lines.

“Yuria, what are you doing?” She almost yelled at me.

She was definitively angry with me.

“You…” I tried to say, but my voice didn’t come out.

I was too stunned to speak. I only stared at her, empty.

“It’s not your stuff. Don’t read it.” She yelled, removing her letter from my hand.

Suddenly, I left her and locked myself in her bathroom. She followed me, calling me. I didn’t answer. Anna couldn’t leave me. It was impossible. I stayed on the floor, crying.


Annin’s POV

She didn’t want to go out. What did she read? It was just a letter about my trip to Shanghai. But I didn’t send it because the travel was finally cancelled. It was a misunderstanding, right? If not, why did she cry? It hurt me to hear her sobs. But I couldn’t do anything.

Yuria was still not out. I ate without her. I let out a sigh.

“The meal is on the table.” I told her, walking in front of the bathroom’s door.

I went to sleep, I felt really tired. But Yuria’s sudden behavior worried me a lot.


Yuria’s POV

“The meal is on the table.” I heard Annin yelled.

I opened the door slowly, a few minutes later. I was not hungry. I needed to apologize. I hoped she wasn’t too angry. I walked slowly toward her bedroom. I opened the door and saw Annin on her bed.

“Annin…?” I asked softly.

She sat on the edge of the bed. Then, she pulled my arm to make me sit next to her.

“Will you… leave?” I asked, looking down.

“Never.” She said, pulling me into her arms. “It’s a misunderstanding. What you have read?”

“Just the beginning.” I answered and held her tightly.

I felt fine here. I didn’t want to leave her arms.

“I’m sorry for being mad at you.” She said softly.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t read it… C-Can I sleep next to you?” I asked shyly.

I deadly wanted it. I wanted Anna to be next to me.


Annin’s POV

Wait? WHAT?! I’ll calm myself.… I couldn’t say no anyway.

“Y-Yes…” I answered with red and hot cheeks.

“Thanks.” She said with her usual smile.

We were back-to-back. Suddenly, I heard Yuria move and felt her arm wrapping me. My heart stopped beating. Yuria acted strange. Was it because of what happened? She was more… sweet.

“Yuria…?” I said, a little stunned.

I didn’t turn back. She moved closer to my face, kissing my cheek. It seemed to be very close to my lips. What was wrong with her?

“Yuria?” I called her one more time but she remained quiet.

I turned toward her. I could see her face. We were so close, I could feel her breathing. It felt as if we were going to kiss.

“Love rules…” I mumbled.

“But…” She started speaking, putting her hand on my neck.

She kissed my lips gently. I stayed frozen. I didn’t have the time to kiss her back, she had already removed her lips.

“It’s not love.” She said simply with a teased wink.

It was love, right? She just couldn’t admit it. I felt sad. I loved Yuria. Was she playing with me?


Yuria’s POV

I woke up slowly and remove my arm from Annin’s waist. I stood up to leave but a weak voice interrupted me.


I turned around toward her. She was still sleepy, her hair messy. But, she looked pretty as usual.

“Have a nice trip.” She said half asleep with a little smile.

I smiled and kissed her forehead before leaving.


Annin’s POV

What was wrong with her?! Was she serious? All this picture “YuriRena”… Yuria’s head on Rena’s shoulder… They both held them hand… In fact, she didn’t care about me. Anyway, I couldn’t be jealous. Because I couldn’t be in love, right?

*Knock knock*

“Annin, I miss you.” Yuria said, hugging me.

I quickly broke the hug. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. It bothered me a lot.

“However, you seem to have fun with Rena.” I said coldly.

I avoided to look at her. I needed to explain a bit my behavior.

“I saw you, in the social media.”

“Are you… jealous?” She teased me.

Jealous? No. I couldn’t. I wasn’t. It was just… That hurt me to see Yuria spent her time with someone else. Wait, was it jealousy?

“N-No! I’m not!” I blushed badly.

“Right. Look.” She said, showing her phone.


Return home from Shanghai!

I was very impressed with the existence of hot and friendly fans that have different language and beautiful scenery and delicious food! ❤

I want to go to meet everyone again! Next Annin will also join J


“So?” She said with an amused smile.

I remained quiet. She wanted me to come. So, did it mean she was not that close with Rena? I mean, she wanted me to be with her, right?

“You’re cute when you blush.” She laughed. “Nee Annin, if-“

“Stop.” I said suddenly, she looked at me stunned.

I pulled her and put my head on her neck. I took a deep breath. I wanted to say it. I needed it.

“I… love you…” I said softly, hugging her.

“Anna… You can’t…” She let out surprised.

“Don’t you?” I asked with a cracked voice.

I felt like crying. I bit my lips, holding back my tears.

“Don’t cry. I love you a lot.” She told me, releasing me and kissing my cheek with a broad grin. “But… love rules…” She said sadly before looking down.

I smiled a bit. She was definitively cute. I put my hand on her neck before speaking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I spoke in a light tone and kissed her lips gently.

If nobody knows about it, there is no problem, right?

The End

A/N : This fanfic is a request 🙂

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[Drabble] Ice Cream (FuuMiru)

Ice Cream (FuuMiru)

“Please Mirurun! Let’s buy an ice cream!” You begged me, pulling my arm.

“Again? But we have already brought it yesterday Fuuchan!”

“Mou~ Not funny…” You pouted, crossing your arms.

“Fuuchan…?” You started to leave me. “Stop ignoring me!”

“I want an ice cream…” You said, I couldn’t see your face.

“Okay, I’ll buy it for you…” I finally said.

“Yeah~!” You said while walking and pulling my arm again.

“You’re so childish Fuuchan!” You stopped and looking at me amused.

“Let’s go?” You asked with an amused smile.

“Spoiled child!”

“Mirurun! Let’s go!” You pulled me in a hurry.

The End

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[OS] Resurrect (Yoga x Magic)

Resurrect (Yoga x Magic)

Yoga’s POV

Everything stops. I lost. My body floats on the water which strokes slowly my skin. For me, the time is stopped. For you, the life continues. I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to say goodbye. I’m sorry. Forgive me… Magic…


I wanted to protect Salt but I’ve just lost against Sakura. I was useless. I walked slowly and faint toward the Rappapa’s room.

“What kind of face did you hide to dare and come back here, huh?” Magic yelled at me, pushing my shoulder with her foot. “You were talking about protecting Salt. But instead you’ve only tarnished the name of the Four Heavenly Queens.” She laughed, raising her arm to punch me.

“The one to deliver judgment isn’t you, it’s Salt.” Otabe said, stopping Magic’s arm.

Who cared? I failed. We heard the door of Salt’s room open. I stood up quickly. I needed to apologize.

“I’m sorry Salt-san.” I said and bowed.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said with her usual tone. I raised my head toward her, stunned. “Nobody expected anything from you.” She continued, sitting on her seat.

A pain rushed at my head. How? Why? I was that useless, right? I put my hands on my hair and fell to my knees. It was as if my body was broken. I gave everything to here. I screamed all my rage and grabbed the stool nearby me. Before throwing it against the floor.

“Stop it, it’s unsightly.” Otabe said, helping me to stand up.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly left the room. Everyone was mad because of me. I walked to the roof and leaned on the gate.

“Yoga?” I heard a familiar voice.

“I’m useless.” I said, holding my tears back.

“No… I-” She started.

“I know. Nobody expected anything from me.” I yelled, turning around toward her.

“You’re wrong. I believed in you.” Magic said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

She lied. I knew it. I hated that.

“’You only tarnished the name of the Four Heavenly Queens.’ You said. You don’t trust me.” I yelled, pushing her hand.

It hurt to say it but it was true. She couldn’t trust me anyway.

“I’m sorry… You don’t tarnish it…” She answered, looking down.

How did she try to apologize?

“Lies. You tried to punch me.” I said before moving back.

I sat on my carpet to meditate and I closed my eyes. I heard her footsteps, she left me. But her steps stopped. My eyes opened wide when I felt her warm lips on my own. I didn’t have the time to close my eyes that she had already removed her lips. Did she just kiss me?

“Your lips are cold.” She teased me before smiling and leaving me.

“Magic!” I called her name and stood up.

I couldn’t let her go like that. She turned toward me. I walked quickly toward her. I pushed her against the wall behind us, keeping my hands on her waist. She looked at me stunned.


I looked with a serious gaze into her scared eyes. She surely thought I will punch her.

“I’m so-” She started speaking.

“You know…” I interrupted her, wrapping my arms around her waist.

I could feel my heartbeat which pounded faster.

“My lips are still cold.” I said with an almost amused voice, moving my face closer to her.

I felt her soft lips on mine one more time. It was so soft. I had never felt more alive. After a few seconds we pulled away to breathe. I simply smiled and I left her to return meditate, leaving her stunned.


— One Year Later —

Magic’s POV

When I came to school today, my world was breaking down. I read the newspaper, I was on the verge of the tears. Rappapa’s room was quiet. I couldn’t hold back my rage and my pain. I punched the pole behind me. The sound of metal resonated in the room. I felt the blood flowing on my hand.

“It’s impossible!” I screamed. All the gaze turned toward me. “Going to the dock in the midnight?” I asked myself aloud. The tears started to flow on my cheeks. “Misstep?”

I put my head on my arm leaning against the pole and started crying louder. I couldn’t lose her. She couldn’t die. She couldn’t let me behind.

We heard a footstep toward us. It was Yabakune. It was their fault if Yoga was dead. I moved back and listened to them.

“What’s with you guys?” Otabe asked.

“We are busy.” Katsuzetsu answered, walking toward them.

“We come here to talk about Yoga” Head said suddenly.



Rookie and Candy walked and bow in front of us. I reached slowly them.

“You left Yoga… and run away?” I asked with a slow tone.

How? How could they do that?

“We are sorry…” They said at the same time.

“You bastards are yankee, aren’t you?!” I screamed, losing my peace. “Why… Why did you abandon Yoga?!” I raised my arm quickly, but Otabe stopped it one more time.

Head put her hand on Otabe’s shoulder to stop her. Otabe released my arm and I punched Candy violently. She fell on the floor. I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Because of you…” I started, pulling Rookie to kick her in the stomach. “Because of you, Yoga…!” I screamed, the tears flowing always on my cheeks. “Bring Yoga back!” I yelled before hitting them. “Yoga… Yoga… Return Yoga!”

I was on the floor. I hit Rookie violently. My vision was cloudy because of the tears. In the room, we could only hear my punch and my crying. I already missed her. It was impossible. They couldn’t leave her, she couldn’t die. I didn’t understand what happens next. I could only hear Otabe’s speech. My mind was blank.


— Few Days Laters —

Mistake. All it was a mistake. I tried to avenge Yoga. I just tried. It was a mistake. I’m waiting. I don’t know what but I’m waiting. For help I think. Maybe, I’ll die today… or tomorrow. I don’t know. I’m just waiting.


I heard a noisy voice in the nearby place. The door opened slowly. Two men grabbed my collar and pushed me in an impressive place. I saw them. Majijo, Yabakune and Gekioko.

“Magic…” Otabe said softly.

I smiled at her and made a peace’s wave. I thought I will never go out from here. I wanted to walk toward them, but the man grabbed me.

“If you return the deposited stuff, I will release her.” An old man said.

“That deposited stuff, you mean…” Otabe said and all Majijo’s girls took their guns out.

All the people started becoming agitated. Yabakune’s girls followed by Gekioko took their gun out too.

“Boss. This is dangerous. Let’s get out of here.” A young man said, standing up. But Sakura interrupted them while shooting in a plate.

“Officer. Long time no see.” She said calmly. “You guys… are filthy!” She yelled.

“Release Magic!” Otabe screamed while looking at me.

They released me. I walked toward Otabe, slowly. I was weak, the blood flowed from my lips. I came closer to her in limp. I was looking behind her. A man took his gun out and pointed out the Rappapa’s Queen.

The time was slow down. I needed to protect Otabe. I wanted to see Yoga again. One more time. I ran behind Otabe. I heard the shot. Suddenly I felt an extreme pain in my chest. My knees reached the floor. I felt Otabe’s hand on my shoulder. And… Nothing else… All was blank. I just wanted to see Yoga. Nothing more.


I opened my eyes slowly. I saw a dazzling light. Death…? I walked slowly and distinguish the Majijo’s school appearing in front of me. It was quiet. I was coming to the Rappapa’s Room and saw a young woman sit on the Salt’s seat. It was her. How? I was definitively dead.

“She’s on the roof.” She said in her salty tone.

I nodded and ran toward the roof.

Yoga was sitting on her carpet, meditating. As usual. I walked toward her. I knew, she felt the presence around her, but she didn’t move and said nothing. I put my hand in Yoga’s hair. I missed it.

“Don’t disturb me!” She stood up quickly, grabbing my collar.

We didn’t move. We stared at each other, quietly.

“I miss you…” I broke the silence.

After my words, I saw the tears rolling on Yoga’s cheek.

“W-Why are you here…?” She said with a cracked voice.

“I wanted to see you…” I said while she released me. “I wanted to avenge you… But I just failed.”

Silence, stare, nothing.

“I missed you…” She finally spoke a few seconds later.

I pulled her in my arms. I missed her, I missed her so much.

“I-I love you Yoga… I really do…”

“I love you too.” She said softly.

I’m feeling like resurrect now.

The End.