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My thoughts on… Majisuka Gakuen’s couples

My thoughts on… Majisuka Gakuen’s couples


These opinions are totally subjective. Sorry for my mistakes.


Center x Gekikara: With Majisuka’s story there is nonsense. After all, it’s WMatsui, this is the main reason to create it. I don’t really like this couple because that doesn’t suit with MG.

Center x Nezumi: One of the most noticeable MG Couple. That suits the story. I agree with it, Nezumi and Center are cute!

Nezumi x Black: Same as Center x Gekikara. I think this pairing exists for MaYuki and no MG’s characters. We hadn’t seen these girls together after all.

Black x Gekikara: Well, I always wondered why this one existed. Maybe because of this scene, when Gekikara is at hospital and Black come to see her. Whatever, I like this pairing because of their behaviors. Let me explain, Black loves darkness and death, Gekikara is creepy and likes blood -> Perfect match!

Salt x Otabe: In MG, Otabe and Salt seem a little close. Otabe loved Rappappa too much and Salt couldn’t understand that at the beginning. YuiParu is one of my favorite couples, I just can agree with this.

Yoga x Magic: I think, we can see a few ‘hints’ about this in MG5. When Yoga fought against Yabakune, Magic came to help her (1). When Yoga died, Magic cried so badly and was very upset (2). After this, Magic went to the same place that Yoga, like to avenge her maybe (3). But In MG4, Magic yelled against Yoga when she lost against Sakura, hm… I don’t want to remember it! As YuriAnnin is my favorite couple, I completely like Yoga x Magic, the quiet Queen and the hot-blooded Queen.

Zombie x Kamisori: The famous combi in MG4/5. Why am I speaking about them? Because I read Zombie x Kamisori’s fanfictions and I simply remembered them. The characters are always together, like Center and Nezumi. Naanya and Kojimako are less popular than Mayuyu and Jurina, maybe, that’s why their fanfictions are uncommon.

Coby x Antonio: (Kobii? I don’t really know.) Unlike Center x Gekikara and Black x Nezumi, even if SayaMilky is popular, this couple suits with the story. After Coby’s fault, in MG4, Antonio forgives her (remember they cute talk before Salt and Sakura’s fight.). In MG5, Coby kills a man because Antonio was upset. Well, Coby died and Antonio was more upset than before. I would like to read more fanfictions about them.

Kurobara x Shirogiku: Yes, this couple exists. It’s FuuMiru! They are always together and their characters are… special and interesting at the same time, and a little creepy too.

Maybe there are other couples in Majisuka Gakuen, but I talked about these I know. Thanks for reading this!

My ranking:

  1. Yoga x Magic
  2. Salt x Otabe
  3. Coby x Antonio
  4. Center x Nezumi
  5. Kurobara x Shirogiku
  6. Black x Gekikara
  7. Zombie x Kamisori
  8. Black x Nezumi
  9. Center x Gekikara

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